How to Bee a Bee Vendor


Are you ready to sell the items you  love or create? Are you ready to test the market? If you have a unique or handmade item apply to be a Bee vendor! 


To apply to be a Vendor


Interested vendors please email pictures and information about yourself and product  to


You will be notified after your application has been processed. 


Booth Pricing

Pricing is per month

 2.5'x3' crafters Nook --$90*

*recommended booth for those just starting

2.5' x 3' -- $125 

2.5' x 4' -- $150

2.5' x 5' -- $175

2.5' x6' -- $200


In addition to monthly fee 15% of sales will be taken out to cover supply and credit card costs. 

Each contract is for a 6 month leased space at the Bee.


Frequent Questions


Q: Is the Bee a co-op or consigment shop?

A: No, we simply rent space to artisans and vendors and run the store with employees as an upscale boutique.


Q: What marketing is provided?

A: The Bee provides marketing for vendors in ways: social media, mail outs, promotions, etc. However, it is essential that each vendor markets themselves as well as this helps the entire store.


Q: Will my product be successful at the Bee?

A: The Bee is a great place to test market your items. A well stocked booth and new items are a great way to increase your sales.


Q: Will the Bee collect sales tax?

A: Yes, each vendor will need a Texas Sales Tax Id number however, the bee collects and remits sales tax.


Q: What is the length of my contract?

A: The Bee vendors sign 6 month contracts with the option to sell month by  month after your 6 months are up.

















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